Social Media and Mobile – How Important for Business


Marketing campaigns are designed to improve brand recognition and meet target sales. Social media is a popular channel used by marketer because it’s cost efficient, powerful and compelling. It has different platforms, and one of those is twitter. Seller spend lots of time to look for the best site to get twitter followers, so they easily gain credibility and attraction.  Since mobile traffic rate has reached 88%, all marketing efforts are directed towards social media and mobile users.

Convenient shopping

Many online shoppers use their mobile devices to find what they are looking for. If your site is not optimized for mobile users like prolonged loading time, you lose your sale. It’s a good thing that social media networks are optimized for mobiles users. The main reason why they shop online is because they find it convenient so don’t make your site difficult to navigate.

Hard-to- find consumers

Finding your target consumers is easy with social media. You can quickly narrow down your search by filtering out the users. It gets easier because a huge number of hard-to-find consumers who are always busy either use their mobile devices to shop online or socialize in social media.

Spy on competitor

Social media sites are rich sources of information. You can get all the details about your competitor in an instant. You can use that information to make changes on your marketing campaign. You can easily discover both the good and bad about your rival’s products as well as yours.

Real-time feedback

Great customer service is about handling your customers concerns efficiently. You consumers can easily reach you by messaging you on your social media account or message you their concerns on your website using their mobile devices. You get an idea on what your strength and weaknesses are. You can quickly resolve issues and make necessary changes.

Pleasant shopping experience

Social media sites are labeled as fun and mobile access as convenient. Making sure that your site is optimized for mobile users like fast loading time gives your consumers a pleasant shopping experience.

Things to Consider When Buying A Mobile Device

Things to Consider When Buying A Mobile Device

Mobile devices come in different forms. There are smartphones, tablets, iPhones, netbooks and other varieties. The list is long. When choosing for a mobile device, let your needs be your guide. If you are not yet decided as to which type of mobile device are you going to pick, take a look at these ideas:

Available Applications

There are certain applications that are suitable for the kind of industry you are in. Some apps are suited for businessmen, doctors, students and so on. Make a research of the available built-in apps of your target mobile device or if the device allows app installation. Check the memory capacity of the device and the size of app that you intend to install. Important factors to consider are Facebook apps and Youtube apps and that is based on the recent survey of most downloadable apps. You can buy youtube views later on for your own videos recorded on your mobile device and share it with your friends on Facebook.


Although you can install additional software to strengthen the security of your device, some mobile devices have built-in protection such as its firewall. This is what you should look for in order not to pay extra for these security apps. The device should have strong encryption and multi-level authentication capacities.


Some mobile devices are just hard to navigate. Therefore, look for a user-friendly instrument. You may also want to consider how easy it is to carry and open the device. There are mobile devices that can be easily slipped into the pocket while there are those that need a briefcase or individual case just to carry them. Hold the device in your hand to have an idea how comfortable it is to use the device.


There are mobile devices that are pricy but you’d be surprised at how fragile they are. To have an idea of the durability of the tool, take time to research. You can read reviews, join forums or post a topic on Twitter to elicit response. You just have to have more followers in order to get varied opinion.


Most consumers don’t mind paying higher for a commodity so long as they get their money’s worth. It’s something like asking how much does it cost to buy followers on Twitter. However, with the way the economy is going, it’s always best to be wary of your expenses. Some mobile devices are more expensive than others because of their brand name. To get the best value for your money, compare specs and features. If your target mobile devices have similar features but differs in price, the price difference should be a major point of consideration.

Advantages of Using Mobile Devices for Business

Mobile Devices for Business

For most businesses, the use of mobile device is more of a necessity than a luxury. It allows business owners and managers to be in constant communication with their employees. It also facilitates smooth business operations and higher productivity when utilized properly. Here are some of the most evident advantages of using mobile devices in your business:

Keep You Updated With Your Business Operation

By using mobile devices, you get to know the immediate concerns of your customers and employees wherever you are. Thus, you can easily respond to issues and satisfy your target markets without delay. A mobile device is also important during emergency situations. Managers can easily call or send private messages to their employees if ever there are mishaps outside the office. For efficiency, field personnel can easily receive or send data or information from the main office.

Keep Your Structure Organized

The best thing about keeping a mobile device handy is that, you remain connected with your business regardless of your situation or location. Mobile devices keep your organization updated with your daily or weekly targets. Even those who are working in the field will stay informed of your developments and business activities.

Mobile Internet

One important advantage that you can get out using a mobile device is you get access to the internet while you are on the go. This way, you can receive and check your emails or sign important documents even if you are out of the office. Although you can do this with a laptop, a handheld device is more accessible and safer to carry than a laptop.


There are different ways to utilize mobile devices. Most of them can be used to the advantage of your business. You just have to employ means to secure your transactions and communications thru your smartphones. You can turn on your firewall and install antimalware or antivirus software, among others. Exercising extra precaution will also help to strengthen your business security against hackers and other risks.

What to Look for In Business Apps

What to Look for In Business Apps

A lot of business apps are available nowadays. They are created to ensure that your mobile device, including the files stored therein, are protected against security threats. However, with the number of available software, choosing the best one could be daunting. If you want a type of software that could help carry out your business interests to the fullest, keep the following tips in mind before you place a purchase:

    • Look for an app that offers real time backing up. This way, if anything happens to your mobile device or if your computer crashes, your business operations would not be hampered. With an automatic back up, your files could be threatened but they will not be affected.
    • Choose a business app with automatic encryption. There are some apps that provide optimum encryption yet they charge extra for VPN service and other similar program. When you opt for a particular business app, make sure that it provides optimum encryption without the need to install additional software. This way, your data is protected as it travels to and from your browser and data center. It should also have extra authentication to protect your usernames and passwords.
    • Another aspect that you should look for in a business app is its uptime guarantee without installing other programs. Added software only increases your device’s risk to getting infiltrated by harmful elements. With guaranteed uptime, the application remains available and working despite of calamities and natural disasters.
    • Opt for an app with manageable tools and interface. There is no point in getting an app which you cannot operate or understand. If you cannot understand the data found on the app’s dashboard, then look for another application that will help you carry out your business goals.

A business app requires investment. Some of these apps are costly, while some are relatively affordable. There are free business apps available but if you want maximum protection for your business invest and choose the best one there is.

Business Risks of Mobile Devices and How to Combat Them

Business Risks of Mobile Devices and How to Combat Them

A mobile device can do so much nowadays. It functions as one of the main personal communication tools of modern culture. Aside from individuals, business entities also benefit from this handheld communication tool. With mobile devices, business owners and managers can monitor transactions remotely. They can also access business applications, access the intranet or send emails and other relevant functions. However, with all the convenience it provides, using mobile devices has its share of risks. Some of these risks are serious they could threaten the stability of your business.

Risks Associated with Mobile Device Use

  • Worms, malware and virus infiltration of files
  • Theft of delicate and personal or business data thru email attachments
  • Theft or damage of device
  • Remote access to your sensitive information
  • Spam vulnerability which could disrupt services and increase service costs
  • Malformed SMS that crashes the device
  • Data leakage due to minor footprint and protection capacity

These are only some of the security threats associated with mobile device use. They may sound daunting especially that these threats could paralyze your business and its operation. However, you can employ certain measures to protect your device including your pertinent information. For one, you should know your device and its vulnerabilities. If you know the weak points of your smartphone, focus on it.

It would also help if you would keep your protection apps updated. If you find a link or attachment suspicious, do not click on it. Set up an antivirus and antimalware software and do not allow unknown connections via bluetooth.  It would also be wise for you to turn your firewalls on and avoid accessing the internet on public hotspots. Encrypt your data and always back up your files by using other devices such as memory sticks or online file sharing sites.


Your files are extension of your business that’s why it is of utmost importance that you keep it safe and protected against fraudulent individuals and threats. There are a lot of software and applications that can protect your mobile devices. If your business is important to you, invest for its protection today.


5 Mobile Device Uses for Your Business

5 Mobile Device Uses for Your Business

Mobile devices are already considered a necessity these days. Apart from keeping in touch with the rest of the world, you can also utilize mobile devices to carry out your business goals. Some of the most practical uses of handheld devices for your business are the following:

    • Exchange information among field personnel. There are certain businesses that require some of its personnel to be on the field. By using mobile devices, they can easily send and exchange information with those at the office. Thus, you save time and deliver the necessary services without delay. You also reduce some of the operation costs because of it.
    • Track delivery status and packages. There are several mobile phone apps that allow you to track packages and their status. If a customer wants to know where his order is at, you can easily respond to this without having to go to your office or opening your laptop.
    • Monitor inventory. One of the must-haves apps is NEOReader universal scanner. It allows you to scan and check inventory even if you are out of the office. The app can also read all types of barcodes making it easier for you to conduct or monitor your business’ inventory process wherever you are.
    • Sign and Fill out forms. Before, you need to get hold of a pen just to sign a document. Now, you can do it online through your mobile device. The form will be sent to you through your phone and you can start to fill it out then affix your electronic signature once you are done. RightSignature is one of the mobile apps that you can install on your device to attach e-signature.
    • Store and share images. Carrying bulky catalogs and heavy brochures are a thing of the past. Save your product catalogs on your smart phone so you can show it to your prospects whenever an opportunity arises. You can also customize the details of the catalog then email them to your target markets instantly. Your prospects can have the information printed so they can marvel and peruse your brand right away.